Precision Mapping Quick Finder / APRS

UPDATE:  Precision Mapping Streets is available from Chicago Map for $9.99 + S/H.
See bottom of this page for information.

SECOND UPDATE: Precision Mapping Streets is no longer available from Chicago
Map, but the Quick Finder versions are still out there in stores somewhere.

History:  On 10/23/99, I was playing around with Precision Mapping Quick Finder 3.0 ($9.99 with a
COSMI label on it) to see if its maps in the States directory would work with Precision Mapping
Streets in APRS.  When I opened the directory on the QF CD-ROM, I found the maps had .zp3
extensions rather that Streets' .zpx extensions.  I copied the map to the STATES directory on my
hard drive, renamed it with the .zpx extension, and it worked!  I then proceeded to delete Streets and
reload everything from QF, renaming all .zp3 files in all directories to .zpx - and everything worked!

Notes:  Follow all instructions with QF as if you were loading the program to run in APRS from Streets.
Create a Pmap30 directory on your hard drive (C:\PMAP30), and copy Data1 and Data3 directories
there. Also create a directory in Pmap30 called States.  This is where the maps will go later.
You will NOT find a Data2 directory - don't worry, it contains landmarks, a feature only available
in Streets.  When finished, rename ALL files having an extension of .zp3 to .zpx - you'll find these files
in Data1 (and in States, when you load your maps.)  States maps are in the States directory on the
CD, and are numbered with a FIPS code.  FIPS codes for states are also NOT available on
the QF CD - you can find them  here.   PMAP OCX must also be loaded - you can find it  there.
Streets and QF use the same OCX.  When using QF, you can NOT use the CD in APRS due to
the different file extensions - you will need to copy the files to a hard drive and change extensions.

11/21/99 Update:   Someone else has reported success with using Quick Finder with APRS, as well
as copying the program to a writeable CD for use with APRS.

02/01/00 Update:  Precision Mapping Streets is now available for the same price as Quick Finder.
Here's the email they sent with the official announcement:

Subject: Precision Mapping Streets
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 09:28:34 -0600
From: Chicago Map Corp <>
Chicago Map Corporation's popular Precision Mapping Streets v. 3.0, has been reduced to
$9.99 (shipping & handling $5.95).  This unique program is compatible with WIN APRS and is
a popular product with ham radio enthusiasts.  For more information or to order, please call
800-257-9244.  Visit our web site at .

09/08/01 - Second update:  Precision Mapping Streets is no longer available, but if you look, Quick
Finder is still out there in places...