441.700 is back on the air!  9/28/2016

For a list of repeater ID wave files that were just TOO WRONG to use, click HERE!

RC-210 info here - includes Maxtrac/GM300 wiring harness info and frequency steering.
N3EG/R  442.125 (+5) PL  114.8 (2A)
Linked to 440 and 2 meter remote bases
Columbia Heights North
Coverage area: SW Washington
Now with a 440 remote base - More info here
N3EG/R  441.700 (+5) CC1 TS1+2 DCI TRBO
Link to DCI C-Bridge network www.trbo.org
Rainier Hill, OR proposed location
Coverage area: SW Washington
Back on the air 9/26/16 - currently on 441.7125 today
N3EG/R 444.9875 (+5) PL 114.8 (2A)
Linked to whatever I've dialed up
At my house, usually with 6db roof ant.
Coverage area:  West Longview
Power output:  200 mW
SIGNAL (N3EG-10) 144.390

Gone due to complaints and criticism from the APRS "community"

LNGVW:N3EG-7  145.090
Packet node on local LAN

Gone due to lack of activity

For more Western Washington repeater directory listings, try a Google search for "N3EG 442.125"

9/28/16 - 442.125 has been working for the last two months with a rebuilt duplexer and new PA.  The
VHF antenna is a low band ground plane due to removing all antennas from the telephone pole.  UHF
linking is currently disabled.
The big news:  441.7125 is on the air with a connection to the DCI DMR network on digital -see above.
The repeater is a shop spare XPR8300 while I'm waiting for a deal to buy one on Ebay.  For talkgroup
and usage info, visit the link above.

12/21/08 - Haven't been keeping things up lately.  442.125 has had another PA failure - no timetable for
fixing it.  The VHF remote base antenna is now upside down hanging from a telephone crossarm.  I did
clean the ants out of the 441.700 repeater (which was still working!) and swapped it with a spare R1225.
Davis Peak repeater project cancelled due to lack of spare antennas and spare time.

11/25/05 -  Removed the 6 meter remote base, which was receiving too much digital noise from the audio
delay equipment at the site, and replaced it with a 440 Maxtrac.  Still using the same low band antenna
because no spare 440 antennas are available.  Also upgraded the firmware in the controller with the usual
weird results.  See link at top of page for updated frequency codes.

8/5/05 - Applied yesterday for a 440 repeater pair for Davis Peak.  I'm sure I can throw something together
that will fit in the site and use a spare 460 antenna.  They fixed the road so the shop mini-van can get up there,
and with all those unused coaxes dangling in front of me in the building, I said "Aw, what the heck!"

Also, the commercial repeater now has its own antenna and 442.125 is by itself on a noisy antenna facing south.
ERP has increased to the coordinated limit thanks to not using the hacked-up combining scheme.

4/16/05 - The codes have been programmed, with user access to 16 channels on two meters and 52.525 on six.

4/9/05 - Changed the 442.125 repeater/links to a RC210 controller.  Everything seems to work except for one minor
CW ID glitch that made me leave both IDs the same.  Voice IDs work now.  Current operating state is usually
link 2 in receive only mode, so it's OK to transmit without coming out another frequency.
Link RX steering commands will be posted here when I get them programmed.

2/18/05 - The 441.700 repeater is up and running on Rainier Hill, just across the valley and river from
Columbia Heights.  Still waiting to hear from ORRC on coordination.  The 29.6 link is down due to problems
interfacing a link to an S-Com 5k controller.  Both receive and transmit are connected to a commercial UHF
transmit combiner.

Still waiting for a resolution to the problems with the 442.125 controller.  I have a hardware mod ready to
fix the ID on the link port problem if the firmware isn't fixed soon.  And no, by "hardware mod" I don't
mean "sledgehammer"...

1/12/05 -  It's working, but receive only on 8 frequencies.  Problems with the controller
are hopefully being resolved by Arcom.

12/12/04 - 442.125 is back on the air with links to 2 and 6.

The power supply and duplexer, both salvaged.

The assembled repeater.

Preliminary layout of the 6 Motorola radios.

The controller - an RC-110 from Arcom.

11/25/04 - Due to the annoying complexity of the controller, it will be replaced with an ARCOM RC110.

10/18/03 - Started on the controller and came up with the preliminary layout for the radios.

10/17/03 - The pole that the repeater antennas were on is
being replaced with a tower, and the repeaters are off the air as of noon today.  I built a combiner out
of bad Motorola cavities (C-L-R cleans the center rod just fine!)