Northwest Mist 2009
Northwest Mist is happy to be returning to the playa again this year as part of the Redirection Connection Village

Want to escape the heat? 

Come visit us in our Pacific Northwest inspired misting tent.

Step through our portal and temporarily transcend the playa sauna for some forest mist.

We will be providing a soothing Northwest atmosphere to escape the mid-day heat.

100 degrees outside? 
85 degrees inside.   :0)
...and double the humidity!

Mist Tent 2008
2008 with The Lady Washington

Just look for our sign somewhere just over the center of the earth..
 near… 3:00 plaza?

(the last two years between 3 & 3:30 on "C" street)

Take a break from your daytime playa activities

and listen to our soothing fountain and thunderstorm sounds

as you are refreshed by a steady mist from above.

  2007 interior

Our Mutant Vehicle will also be making a repeat visit to the playa.

Our 1992 EZ-GO golf cart will again be transformed into our siren of the seas.
"The Ghost of The Lady Washington”

Commissioned in 1759, she was the first American ship to visit the Pacific Northwest

We hope our interpretation will delight the citizens of BRC again this year.


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