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MTU News, 3-16-2012
Due to medical issues, I've been grounded from travel until further notice.  Webinar training is still an option!  This is a free service and is user-friendly.  All webinar courses are live, so 100% of the hours count towards re-licensure.  Interested?  Call or e-mail me and we can set up a demonstration.  I am also organizing an e-mail notifiication list for all future webinar trainings.  Contact me via e-mail if you are interested.  Affiliated and non-affiliated personnel are invited. 
Need inspiration for instruction or a new way to teach an old topic?  Instructional development is available for individuals or as a training for groups. 
Thanks to all for your support of the mobile training unit. 
- Leslie



The Mobile Training Unit (MTU) is a rural educational outreach program for ambulance and first response agencies in Oregon.  The mission of the MTU is to keep rural volunteer emergency response agencies operational through the provision of continuing education that is mandatory for certified EMS personnel.  The MTU is designed to help prevent the volunteer ambulance, economically challenged service area providers, and first response systems from the inability to provide 911 services due to the lack of adequately trained and certified volunteer EMTs and First Responders.

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Oregon EMT Continuing Education Requirements





The MTU will teach any topic related to prehospital emergency care that is tailored to the agency's needs and level of care.  Assessment and management skills are emphasized in each class for each certification level (first responder through paramedic). A critical thinking approach is employed with lecture, discussion and in some cases, hands-on scenarios. 


The average class length for the MTU is 2.5 hours.


The grid to the left provides examples of the types of classes taught through the MTU.  This list is not exclusive!  The MTU is able to deliver any topic related to EMS response and care.  


If there are specific training ideas you want your agency to experience, or if you have a particular class topic in mind that is not listed, then please do not hesitate to ask.  

MTU Request - Download Microsoft Word

MTU Request - Download pdf

Medical Patient Assessment

Trauma Patient Assessment

Cardiac Emergencies

Respiratory Emergencies

Altered Mental Status

ECG: 3- and 12-Lead


Case Studies: Medical and Trauma


Airway Skills

Environmental Emergencies

Infectious Disease and Bloodborne Pathogens

Triage and EMS Incident Command

MCI Tabletops and Functional Drills

Pharmacology and EMS Medications

Street Drugs and Overdoses

HazMat EMS

Sports Injuries



Mechanism of Injury

Spinal Immobilization

Various Trauma Topics


Pediatric Trauma Topics

Pediatric Medical Topics

PEPP Course

PHTLS Course

GEMS Course

EVOC:  Initial and Refresher

Instructor Development

Skill Competency Check-Offs

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