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W7CQ - Jimmy Oldaker - Grid: CN83jx

old calls: KN7OLO - 1961 : K7OLO 1961 to 1976

                   1961 KN7OLO age 16                          2017  W7CQ,  age 73  (Same guy with glasses, wrinkles, and a beard)











The Hallicrafters SX-71 in both pictures is my novice receiver. I delivered the Eugene Register Guard newspaper after school and used five months earnings to have enough cash to go to see Howard W7SO (sk), the owner of Oregon Ham Sales in 1958 to purchase the radio. I have had that radio for 60 years.


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             Real Rigs Glow in the DARK                       The Newer Solid State Stuff              


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             Overall view of Station                                Test Bench at a CLEAN Moment!

 Station Equipment:

 Hallicrafters HT-32 tx,  HT-33A amp,  SX115 receiver,  Astatic 10D mike,  Collins KWM-2 transceiver, 312B-5 remote vfo station console, SM-3 dynamic mike.  Icom 735 hf transceiver, Icom 821H Satellite transceiver, Icom 2350 2meter fm,   Icom 756  hf transceiver, Icom R7000 general coverage receiver,  DSP-10 2 meter IF,  10 GHz Beacon

     " W7CQMobile " --   Grid : is variable.   Click for Close Up of SCREWDRIVER ANTENNA 

  We bought it in 1994 and I thought after 23 years and 175,000 miles it was getting "OLD" but someone this summer called it "Vintage"  while we were traveling. NICE!

The name " W7CQMobile" was given by my kids when they were young after listening to me sign my call while operating mobile in the motor home. "W7CQ / Mobile"  it stuck!

1984 Allegro 27' motor home,  Icom 735 hf transceiver,  ICOM 260A 2meter fm/ssb, SCS PCT-IIex tnc, Garmin GPS III Laptop computer,  and Screwdriver Antenna.

   Homebrew Screwdriver Antenna  was built in1991 from a design mailed to me by Don Johnson W6AAQ  (sk) and is the third screwdriver antenna ever built.  It gives continuous coverage 3.5 to 30 mhz, is mounted above the drivers door with the antenna base 8 feet above ground.   ( Gotta keep those ground coupling losses down )

Click on the picture of the "W7CQMobile"  to see a close up of the screwdriver antenna. 

     This made it necessary to bring the 66 inch whip off the top of the coil at almost a right angle to keep the maximum height legal and out of the trees and freeway overpasses. The horizontal whip is about 2 feet above the aluminum roof and works just fine. Due to less ground coupling losses, this version of the Screwdriver Antenna works much better an earlier version of the same antenna that was mounted on the bumper with the whip pointing straight up.  Get the base of your mobile antenna as high as you can and it will work better.  Ground losses really lower the overall efficiency of mobile antennas. On the top of the aluminum roof would have been a better place to mount this antenna but the overall height of the antenna would not have allowed operation while in motion, and motion is what being mobile is all about.   I work the world with 50 watts and this setup.

A 2 ft x 3 ft x 1/8" aluminum grounding plate was bolted to the interior aluminum framework of the motorhome  (under the interior paneling) and the antenna base bolted directly to that from the outside with stainless steel carriage bolts all the way through the aluminum exterior of the motor home. This antenna has a GOOD LOW LOSS GROUND.    

   Operate: Mobile SSB, 2 meter FM & SSB, Pactor lll e-mail, with my SCS PTC- llex Modem on the HF bands and while while parked SSB, RTTY and CW.   We use the GPS III and Street Atlas 7 software to guide us around when we get lost.  (a common occurrence but who cares we are retired) 

      For Pactor E-Mail I use AirMail 3.3 Software by KE6RK.  This software controls my Icom 735, the GPS and  the SCS PTC- llex modem to set the frequency automatically on the hf band of my choice we can keep in touch with family and friends while traveling in the "W7CQMobile" around the USA.  You need a laptop computer, hf rig,  tnc with pactor and a mobile antenna and you can send and receive E-Mail while moving about. 

     AirMail is provided without charge to the amateur radio community and is dedicated to the many sysops who have donated generously of their time and equipment to make the digital ham radio network a reality.  AirMail 3.3 is offered by Jim, KE6RK and is available at  http://www.airmail2000.com/Search for  Winlink on the internet and see how it works for the mobile ham.

      Thanks Jim, for helping me keep in touch with the family via e-mail and the hf ham bands and to the dedicated hams that provide the WinLink 2000 network. 

        <----  This picture was not Photo Shopped.

      In October 2014 the antenna of my dreams was answered and we decided to acquired a dish, for a little Rover work on the UHF bands. The picture may have not modified but it was taken at the Very Large Array west of Socorro, New Mexico.  A ham can dream can't he.  It helps to have an understanding wife.  Jimmy W7CQ

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