Irradiated Poets, a multi-state performing poetry troupe



We who are about to be Irradiated salute you!

Irradiated Statement

In the tradition of nucleic fission and non-fission known to readers worldwide, Subatomic Particlebutter, Inc ©, a non-profit institute-- dedicated to the furthering of wuthering heights in the organic minds of humankind, and basic betterment of butter-- has recently become world sponsor for "The Irradiated Poets," a group of eclectic, non-traditional arbiters of talon and tongue, based in Portland, OR

In a saner world, free of the distractions of Monday Night Football, Must See TV and softcore Internet sites they would be the heroes - Avatars of the word, keepers of oral tradition, storytellers to our children. In this world of mergers and acquisitions, space junk and comfort food, they are neither rockstar or televangelist, rather they are The Irradiated Poets. Unsung wordsmiths working leisurely (we’re poets!) to crack the cement of today’s "civilization" and replace it with a field of flowers….

...We are here to walk ahead of you or behind you, dropping words or scooping them up -- holding them up to the sun as we all walk along. Tossing them like frisbee's, eating dogeared books again and again, and we will all walk together. And when someone comes along, joining the procession, they will not be asked what poetry they've produced or how, or in what style, but what poetry they love and would they like to share some.

Our Mission: To Write Poetry.

Nothing More.

Nothing Less.

We are...

The Irradiated Poets of America

Measure your counter-intelligence:

Thanks for visiting. Please feel free to email us with any comments, suggestions or random inspirations.

Due to minute traces of uranium and goodwill randomly scattered throughout these pages, a sometimes sudden afterglow may illumine a viewer's features. Do not panic. Breathe deeply and remember you are not alone. Many others have been affected by the long-term exposure to subatomic free radicals. A long cold shower is recommended.

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