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The Portland Reiki Center was established in 1984 by Reiki Master Phil Morgan to provide treatments and training in Reiki. All courses meet the requirements of Office of the Grand Master and The Reiki Alliance. Phil was initiated May 9, 1986 in the traditional practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, fourth Grand Master in the lineage of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata.


Reiki is an ancient and revered practice that promotes and accelerates healing and balance of the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is a Japanese word, pronounced ray-key, which means "energy of the soul or spirit or universe." Reiki is experienced in one or more of its four aspects: physical healing, personal growth, spiritual practice, or mystic order. The most well known aspect is the effect Reiki has on the physical body and the phenomena of accelerating the healing process, alleviating pain, relieving stress responses, and promoting physical well-being. Reiki is also useful as a tool for self awareness and can lead to healing emotional wounds, opening the heart and clearing the mind. As a spiritual practice Reiki offers an experience that can assist us in knowing our own soul and our connection to others. Finally, while Reiki is very much "felt," it is impossible to fully understand and thus becomes a mystical experience in our life.

To receive Reiki from another it is not necessary to hold any certain beliefs. It does help to relax and to keep an open mind. A short "demonstration" treatment may last only 5 or 10 minutes with the practitioner placing their hands on your shoulders. A full Reiki treatment usually takes 60 to 90 minutes and involves about 14 different hand positions to treat the front and back of the body. A full treatment is normally done with the receiver lying down, fully clothed, while the practitioner offers a connection to the energy through a form of safe gentle touch. During the treatment there may be a variety of physical or emotional responses as the body accepts the gift of this energy. Often relaxation becomes so deep that the receiver falls into a state of light sleep.

You can learn to do this for yourself and for others.

The First Degree Reiki class (Shoden) consists of four sessions lasting two to three hours each. The first part includes an introduction covering the history of the lineage and practice of Reiki, exploration of the four aspects, and common experiences of treatment. There is no cost for this introduction nor is there any obligation to take the rest of the class. At the conclusion of the first part those who wish to take the class will be invited to participate in an ancient ritual which reopens the connection to this energy. Parts two through four of the class consist of three more ceremonies, instruction in the treatment form for self and for others, and hands-on practice. This class is available either in a weekend format or four consecutive days or evenings. The cost for this training is $150 and includes a certificate, booklet and ongoing support.

The Second Degree Reiki class (Oku Den) consists of two sessions of instruction and one ceremony. The "deeper knowledge" of Reiki in this training is available to those who have at least three months experience with Reiki and wish to have a more personal and conscious connection with the energy. The first session includes an introduction to three tools used to direct the energy and the ceremony which empowers the use of the tools. The second session focuses on the appropriate use of the tools in a Reiki practice. The training is available in either a class format or private sessions. Second Degree certificates are issued at the completion of the training. Cost for this training is $500.

Practitioner and Master training is available to qualified candidates on an individual basis.

On-going Support Groups are available to assist students in their continued practice of Reiki.

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