Angry Greeks
[Chloe, 67k, PG]: She lets him keep his secrets. A prequel to Interstitial.

Brand New Normal
[Clark/Lex, 42k, R]: Normal is relative.

[Toast, 1k, G]: Based on a true story.

A Clark/Lex Epic of Staggering Genius written w/Tiffany Rawlins
[Eggers, 23k, R]: Here is a drawing of a cow.

Curator of the Life & Death Museum
[Clark/Lex, 29k, R]: Lex kept it all.
» Cover by LauraB

Domestic Relations
[Clark/Lex, 18k, PG]: Lex comes from a broken home. Clark just lives in one.

The First Four Years
[Clark/Lex, 73k, NC-17]: The prom theme has something to do with Paris. If Paris were a high school gym with a cover band.
» Cover by LauraB

[Clark/Clark, 33k, R]: As if Clark didn't have identity problems before.
» Cover by LauraB
» Artwork by LauraB

Freshman Orientation
[Clark/Lex, 48k, NC-17]: Welcome to Metropolis University.
» Cover by Jed

[Clark/Lex, 163k, NC-17]: He doesn't know why this is happening.
» Cast page
» Commentary by Punk
» Commentary by Elandrialore
» Cover by Jed
» Wallpaper by Allyoops
» Available as podfic

[Sushi, 2k, G]: Previously unreleased footage from Interstitial.

Meanwhile, back in Metropolis...
[Clark/Lex, 85k, NC-17]: You are not exclusively the brawn, and he is not always the brains.
» Commentary by Punk
» Cover by Fleur

The Milk and Cookies War
[Clark/Lex, 37k, PG]: Lex Luthor's Penthouse for Wayward Boys.
» Available as podfic

Name us a King
[Clark/f, 20k, NC-17]: Lionel Luthor's defunct. A prequel to Interstitial.

No man is an island, but I am no man.
[Crazy, 1k, G]: He stands over me.

The Opposite of Chloe
[Chloe, 5k, G]: Chloe's done the math.

[Clark/Lex, 51k, NC-17]: So, maybe there was a reason pretending to be gay wasn't such a stretch.

Self-Defense written w/Tiffany Rawlins
[Clark/Lex, 22k, NC-17]: Clark needs boxing lessons like Lex needs a week at Wharton Business School.