Wilhelm Reich and Sex-Pol

"The irrational is a mutation of all that can be known as 'what could have been'.  The irrational returns as the flavor of that which has been psycho-socially suppressed and emotionally repressed:  the 'what could be', the 'what is', and the 'what was not'.  It needs to be understood as such, and not seen as some automatic truth, as desirable goal, or as directive means to an ends... mystical, magical, motivating.  It is loss turned upside-down-right-side-up and outside-in-outside. It is at best rationalized and that is certainly not enough in a world made rationally by Capital."

christopher elliot gray
13 may 2004


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"Started by Dr. John Pierralcos in 1971, core energetics adds a more spiritual aspect to bioenergetics. The core is the inner center or higher self. The vision of this psychotherapeutic work is to invite a deeper experience and identification with one's core energy and feelings, releasing the individual to create his or her life from this deep center. This is achieved gradually by bringing movement and consciousness to the body." from Massage Modalities
"Hellerwork was developed by Joseph Heller, the first president of the Rolf Institute. Hellerwork follows up on the principles of Rolfing, with more emphasis on client/practitioner dialogue. He believed that in order to maintain alignment and mobility, clients need not only bodywork to release patterns of stress, but movement exercises designed to eliminate their bad habits and to learn how to stand, walk, sit and move with greater flexibility and ease. The goal is not only to produce physical results but also to empower clients to grow and experience more freedom and energy in their lives." from Massage Modalities
"This term was created by American biochemist Dr. Ida Rolf in the 1930s. She maintained that when one part of the body is out of balance or misaligned, the rest of the body attempts to compensate until the entire structure is weakened. Even from birth, the general pressures of life and gravity push our bodies out of alignment. By manipulating the myofascial tissue in a ten session series, each building on the previous one, practitioners assist the body to reorganize, lengthen, and integrate itself into wholeness." from Massage Modalities
"Dr. Jack Painter developed postural integration after studying various forms of bodywork. His ten-session system consists of deep tissue techniques, movement, and breathwork. Recognizing that the body traps negative emotions, Painter's technique pays special attention to the fascia and the release of emotional blocks in a psychotherapeutic manner with the aid of intentional deep breathing." from Massage Modalities
“During the first seven sessions, the legs, pelvis, torso, arms and head are each thoroughly and deeply released, and then, in the final three sessions are carefully brought into a harmonious relation to each other. As our basic, defensive armor dissolves, a remarkable phenomenon occurs: the body tissue becomes markedly softer, more consistent, resilient, and also more malleable. This can be felt from the superficial through the layers of the extrinsic muscles, and even the deep tissue enveloping the intrinsic muscles is more available and responsive. With this release the body begins to find new proportions. Wide hips become more narrow, small chests expand, torsos lengthen, faces relax, buttocks fill and round out. In some cases an individual may gain as much as two inches in height and three inches in circumference around the chest. At the same time emotions and thoughts have become more flexible. One cries, shouts, laughs, sings, and groans more easily, and thoughts break free of their old limits. And during the final phase of the process, integration, the practitioner helps us to stabilize our breathing, to distribute energy, to harmonize and make us more aware of our body movements, and to redirect our emotions and thoughts. The release and integration of the self through Postural Integration is a powerful, redirecting experience. This does not mean that we will no longer have difficulties or feel tension. There is a continuing need for us to express our anxieties and frustrations, but we can now more quickly recognize, confront, and let go of them.”
"Developed in 1978 by Bill Williams, Ph.D, one of the first students of Ida Rolf, this therapy refined Rolf's work by creating easier, less intrusive ways of working with the fascia and muscles. This ten-session process, which incorporates movement training and awareness tools as well as massage and manipulation, also seeks to promote greater access to the functioning of each hemisphere of the brain."

"Bioenergetics is a combination of physical and psychological techniques used to release constrictions in the energy flow of the body. Because psychological defenses are anchored in the body, special attention is given to the muscular patterns inhibiting self-expression. Developed from the work of Wilheim Reich and refined by his pupil Alexander Lowen, this technique uses physical exercises, deep breathing, and massage to permit the body to give up its need to armor itself." from Massage Modalities
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