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Munch listings below last updated 5-12-102

About Munches

What is a Munch? The original burgermunch was a SF Bay Area gathering of alt.sex.bondage members. It was (and is) a way for people of like mind (and kink) to get together and meet each other in a friendly, non-play environment.

The location is usually a casual eating spot, and the goal is social contact. Each of the Portland munches has a different location, character, and set of people. Munches vary in size from a few folks to over sixty, and vary in feel depending on the location and the type of munch it is. Descriptions, times and locations of mumches are below.

Munches are intended to be relaxed and friendly. They are not dating services. You should never feel pressured to explain yourself or provide personal information to anyone at a much, nor should you expect folks at a munch to provid such information to you, though most people are happy to share what they know when approached in a friendly fashion.

Munches are fine places to make social connections in the BDSM scene, and can be good ways to learn about the scene and begin an education of what the scene is about.

How to find Munchers: Most of the time the Munch will be an obvious group. Other times you may need to ask. Usually asking anyone at the table, or a wait-person, "is this the munch" will do the trick.

Since munches typically occur in public places, appearance and behavior is expected to be fairly "vanilla." Conversations may be scene-relevant, or may have nothing to do with the scene. The intent of a munch is to provide a friendly environment for BDSMers to get together and socialize. Beyond that, there is usually no agenda, and newcomers are welcome.

There's no entrance fee for a munch, you just pay for what you eat and drink. And it's always a good idea to tip generously.


RCDC Munches Listing

In order to make sure information is as current as possible, each munch notes the date of its last update. Munchmasters, please write to the RCDC webmistress with any updates or changes.

Portland Munches:

Wednesday Night Munch

The Wednesday Night Munch is the first and largest Portland munch, going on a decade old. The Wednesday Night Munch prides itself on providing a safe space for newcomers to make their first step into the community.
Location: McMenamins Tavern at 1716 NW 23rd -- cross street is Savier.
Time: official time for the munch is 5:00 -8:00, but people show up as early as 5pm for dinner and conversation.
10/00: For you old timers: The Blue Moon Tavern (McMenamins) in NW Portland was destroyed by fire, so we no longer meet there.
Munchmeister: Dyke Daddy
Last Update from Munchmaster: 1/02

The RCDC After-Meeting-Munch

Held at Lyons Restaurant on MLK Boulevard across the street after the RCDC monthly meeting (around 9:00pm). You can walk over or drive. Just ask for "the RCDC group".
Last Update from Munchmaster Ralph: 01/01

Not-Quite Portland Munches:

Beaverton SECOND Sunday Munch

When: Every second Sunday of the month at the Blvd, from 4pm - 7pm.
Location: Beaverton McMenamin's is at the corner of Jenkins Road and Cedar Hills.
How to find us there: There are a couple of tables in front we usually use. We try to show up with black balloons. Look for Lynn or Elizabeth. "Either of us would appear as ladies of a certain age with long light brown hair. (It's true we often also appear a little bit late, but not too late.) It's also okay to ask the staff. They probably know who we are."
Munchmistress: home@tnstaafl.org
Last Update from Munchmistress: 11/24/01

Vancouver USA Munch

The Vancouver munch is held twice a month, every second Tuesday and every fourth Thursday. It is now being held at Your sub and More Restaurant (they recently changed names to Mojo's). The address is 1819 Main Street, Vancouver; phone is 360-694-0518. Further information available at www.vancouvermunch.com
Munchmaster: vancouvermunch@hotmail.com
Last Update from Munchmaster: 10/01

Eugene Munch

The Monday Eugene munch now meets at McMenamin's North Bank, which is at 22 Club Road. This is just west of the north end of the Ferry St. Bridge in Eugene. We're in the room that's slightly to left and all the way back, every Monday from 6 to 9 PM. Don't be put off by all the bloodthirsty "No Parking!" signs; those spaces are open for use by six o'clock. We meet in the back room, which is back and slightly to the left as you come through the restaurant from the front door. We usually have a black balloon on a table. If not, just ask someone "is this the munch?" :-) This is a social rather than a play event; come and ask questions, meet local players, and generally make contact. We have a fine, fun bunch of people here; come join us!
Munchmaster: conrad@efn.org
Last Update from Munchmaster:

Salem Saturday Munch

The Salem Munch is no longer being being held due to lack of interest.

It used to be held every Saturday at The Thompson Brewery and Public House at 3575 Liberty Road in South Salem. We meet from 3pm to 5pm-ish. All persons of kink welcome. Fun is always on the agenda.
Munchmeister: Master Jerry
Munchmeister: Fireplayer
Last Update from Munchmeisters: 09/00

Corvallis Munch

We meet the first and third Sundays of each month, in a small private room off the North entrance. There will be black balloons attached to the door. There is a $1 cover charge. Coffee, Water, and tea will be provided free of charge.

Tommy"s 4TH Street Bar and Grill
350 4TH Street
Corvallis, OR
Munchmeister: rwblount@earthlink.net
Last Update from Munchmaster: 05/02

Southern Oregon

The Wild Rose Discussion Group Munch holds monthly munches in and around Southern Oregon. For information on dates and location, contact the munchmeister.
Munchmeister: nearestthing2heaven@yahoo.com
Last Update from Munchmeister: 02/02

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