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Rocky's Motto

When interviewed by national celebrities Rocky he was
quoted saying his take on operating his business is

"It's called show business and
you can't do the show if you can't take care of business".

Fundraiser's and Local Charities

Gay Pride Magazine 2007

The Gay and Lesbian Amateur Singers Competition (G.L.A.S.CO) presents PDX Stars during the six weeks leading up to Pride at six local clubs. “This is a great opportunity for the gay clubs and quality singers to get recognition,” says karaoke promoter Rocky Rhodes. “It’s my way of thanking the gay community for supporting me and the concept of karaoke all these years.” Rhodes hopes to take Stars national with similar competitions.

Each night, up to ix performers will give it their best. At the end of all the performances. Rhodes will hold mikes connected to his mixing board to register the audience’s reactions. Two winners representing each club will go on t the competition.

The judges for the final competition, who will include local favorites Patrick Anderson, Norman Yates and some surprise judges, will look at song difficulty, song performance, stage presence and appearance as well we audience response.

“Each club and several individuals have donated prizes and gifts so that everyone will win something”, says Rhodes. PDX Stars, which has received a great response in the first four weeks, is a fund-raiser for Our House of Portland. Rhodes adds, “People should know that this competition is legit and is all about showing pride.”

Columbian January 2007

Entertainer and entrepreneur Rocky Rhodes of Sailing On Productions predicts that once any couples are allowed to wed in Washington and Oregon – and they will be, he says – he’s going to be a very busy man.

“I’ve got a reputation in the gay market, and … I’m the go-to guy when it gets legal,” said Rhodes, who owns the as yet sole Vancouver-based business on I’m not gay myself, but the market has proved very lucrative, and that’s why I’ve decided to it. Besides, I support (marriage) for all couples.”

Rhodes call himself the area’s Godfather of Karaoke, but his engagement party and wedding services don’t stop at performances. He stands ready to coordinate an event’s musical features, as well as to cue the wedding party when it’s time to bring on toasts or cut the cake.

Rhodes said he’s been working with the Vancouver-Portland gay market for more than six years. Rhodes says he’s seen a mixture of tastes at gay weddings and commitment ceremonies. However, double-groom nuptials do seem to bring out more tears than those with two brides, he said: “The guys tend to be more emotional.”

Currently showcasing "The Dude Show & Chick Singer Night"

Rocky started Dude and Chick Singer night to showcase above average singers. Contests are not Rocky's favorite because they tend hurt people's feelings. Karaoke should be fun and exciting not stressful and demanding.

Rocky will be showcasing each week between the two formats to provide a showcase of upcoming vocal stars. If your talent is not a known quality, then you must audition. You will then be given a 20 minute spot to perform your material of choice. Rocky will record you on CD and give the CD free as a demo to be used for future gigs for yourself. There is NO cost involved for performing. Although Rocky does offer regular CD recordings for ALL singers at the charge of $5.00 a song.

Be the next Shining Star in the musical sky
with Rocky's Rhodes.

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Positively Entertainment Feb. 2004 Release

Legendary Karaoke host offers unique concept.

A legendary Karaoke show with a legendary Karaoke host.; that's Rocky Rhodes' "Museum of Natural Rock". Rocky hosts Karaoke at several spots through out the Portland, OR area, the man who first brought Karaoke to the Pacific NW. He's the one who started it all in Portland. With a huge song selection of over 17,500 Karaoke cuts, his collection is unmatched. Rhodes' Karaoke shows are different from others. Singers sing two songs at a time instead of the usual on per rotation. There's no TV screen for the crowd so listeners are not distracted from the singer's performance onstage.

One thing you won't find at a Rocky Rhodes Karaoke show is contests. He explains, "I don't like contests. They hurt business and people's feelings. So my alternative is my Dude and Chick Singer Nights. This is for talented guys and gals who audition for me. If they don't have talent I won't choose them for the showcase. When you're chosen, you've earned the right to showcase your talent and receive a five-song 20-minute demo CD recorded professionally at no charge.

Rhodes' singers have scored some notable successes. He's had 12 singers go on to professional singing careers and recordings. He has two singers involved in American Idol competition and one who will be touring with The Lion King Broadway production.

"Karaoke Around the World" - Dec 2003

The show is about "Karaoke Around the World" and features interviews with Joy Storey, the "Karaoke Tart", from England, and "Karaoke Legend", Rocky Rhodes from Portland Oregon, a current hotbed of Karaoke.

Be certain to listen

That's Karaoke
5470 Orange Avenue
Suite B
Cypress, CA 90630

Remember to send a copy (cassettes or CDs) become property of Karaoke Scene & this show and cannot be returned.


Positively Entertainment - June 2003 Release

Rocky Rhodes celebrates 20 years as first KJ in Portland vicinity.

The Japanese word for :unaccompanied orchestra" is pronounced "Kah-rah-o-kay". Karaoke is an invention that singers love, even if only for practice in the studio or home.

People of all ages , all backgrounds and all skill levels can sing-along with the :radio band: at a karaoke session. This is not just fun, it's a major thrill, a secret dream come true. Imagine being on stage, under the lights, the center of the show, singing along with The Beatles, Glenn Miller Orchestra, Garth Brooks or almost any other music icon. You can't buy that kind of excitement.

Yes, you can. Rocky Rhodes not only hosts the absolute best Karaoke show anywhere, he will record you singing live with the band, on CD, for a very small fee. It's not your "wildest dream: anymore. Your live performance is a unique experience, guaranteed to please and impress your companions.

A god entertainer also remembers your song. He will sometimes offer an alternative if a singer has demonstrated confidence in a favorite number. Rhodes always encourages applause for every singer. He adds, "The hardest thing for young performers is to get started".

Rhodes also keeps singing. "Music's my life," he says. "That's my gift". When he says' "gift", he means his gift to you., not himself. He would like to teach an 16 week course called "How to Be An Entertainer". The first 8 weeks would be voice work; the second 8 weeks would be how to entertain, dress, write a resume and provide personal interpretation of music. His quote: :Show business: If you don't take care of business, you can't do the show". Attending a course taught by Rocky Rhodes would be something to brag about. He can definitely steer you in the right direction, especially for the entertainment industry on the global basis.


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 1993 Media release

Artist runs gamut from musician & TV star, to DJ & karaoke host.

Rhodes uses his creativity. In 1993, he was the first in the area to use Karaoke on tape. In 1988, he went to laser Karaoke. His expertise has always been as a great communicator. he pays attention to what his audience wants and he gives it to them.

His adaptability to change as time goes on has let Rhodes rise to the top of the entertainment market.


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