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"I am an authorized and licensed CAVS retail dealer, and I have for sale a CAVS 203G USB Karaoke machine (which will play 14 different formats of CD's on the market) with a 500GB Karaoke Hard drive. Operating instructions on how to perform your show with this setup and how to download your music collection will be provided.

The cost of this system is $400 w/ the hard drive or $300 for the machine alone. If you wish for me to download your music collection into the system, there will be an extra charge for my labor depending upon the size of your collection.

There are also updated systems available from CAVS which include a jukebox and laptop systems.

If you have any further questions, please call Rocky at 360-608-0677.

Also available: Custom song discs from $2 to $4 per song (with a 5 song minimum) depending upon the company providing the music (i.e. Zoom, Sunfly, SBI, Karaoke Version, Swamp Rat Karaoke). There are songs in these collections no longer available or ever issued in America."

Rocky Rhodes

(360) 608-0677 Cell


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