Skip's Costa Rica Nature Tour *

I took these photos on a visit to Costa Rica in March of 1994.
Most of the images are of birds.  You will find a few mammals,
reptiles and plants as well.  I hope you enjoy the show.

I'm in the process of replacing these images with a new batch from the Galapagos. I'm close to exceeding my disk quota here at Teleport, so I'm afraid I must delete these images to make room for the new ones.

Why these images look a little different than they used to:
I bought some time by converting the GIF images that were here before, to JPEG images. The JPEGs are quite a bit more compact (and load faster) than the GIFs, but some of the image quality is lost. I expect that the current set of images will remain until late July. --Skip

Skip's Costa Rica Nature Tour
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