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  • On-line Medical Dictionary
  • Portable [Chess] Game Notation (PGN) Specification and Implementation Guide
  • ISO 3166:1988-based 3-letter country codes (2/3 down document)
  • Simtel.Net Windows 3.x collection contents
  • Canadian On-Line Musicians' Association
  • Alaska Air -- Web Specials (from PDX)
  • Debriefing meta search (most significant sites)
  • Feline Kidney Problems
  • Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center
  • WMNF (FL) Daily Shows - archive (Folk 6-11am someone said on r.m.f & some weekends; Sun 10-12am)
  • Affordable Technology, Inc (cheap PCs?)
  • PC Technician test (Computer Village)
  • Bicycling magazine
  • PENDING -- Intellectual Property Articles
  • NAA®: Hotlinks to Newspapers Online -- perused searchs to #41 (UK Guardian)
  • Holidays and Other Dates in the US Secular Calendar
  • priceline
  • [LINK]l 32°. In caso di paritą si calcola la media
  • Mark Glickman's Chess Ratings Page
  • SetMaker: Odd Volume and Incomplete Set reuniter (free)
  • Bicycle sizing (Colorado Cyclist)
  • Revisionist Frame Sizing by Sheldon Brown
  • Rare and Antiquarian Book Vendors : The AcqWeb Directory