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The Scrabble FAQ is provided by Steven Alexander,
who is unaffiliated with both of the trademark owners,
Hasbro/Parker Bros. and Mattel/J.W. Spear & Sons plc.

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622 long-word puzzles [ 342k ]
Books by North American tournament players

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Linking with the Scrabble FAQ

Anyone is welcome to link to -- but not to frame -- the Scrabble FAQ without special permission. This (faq.html) is the only page guaranteed to keep its name, though. Linkers should check occasionally whether these pages are on the same server. (Every year or two would be nice. Some seem to think they're on, or even!)

The FAQ links only to pages having substantial information about Scrabble. This excludes commercial exchanges, pointers to awards bestowed and other irrelevancies. You may suggest links for addition.

Writing to the Scrabble FAQ's maintainer

Your questions on Scrabble are welcome, though I prefer if you've checked the FAQ first. I don't welcome junk mail. Ah, well.

Information contributions are also quite welcome, but the FAQ does not do anything like link exchanges. Sellers are not afforded editorial control over descriptions, but I do strive for accuracy.

Who refers to the Scrabble FAQ?
What searches do people use to find the FAQ?
How has the FAQ changed?

Letters File

I've written some letters to those with dominion over competitive Scrabble over the years. I'd be happy to include others' letters.

Scrabble FAQ Development Corner

Some features of the Scrabble FAQ empire are under development. To preview pages still half-written or use scripts still being refined, pick a file from the scrabble/alpha/ or scrabble/legal/ directories. Constructive criticism is appreciated.

Hierarchical and chronological listings of all Scrabble FAQ pages.

Scrabble is registered as a trademark of
Hasbro Inc./Parker Bros., and Mattel/JW Spear & Sons plc,
even though that's not the way people actually use it.

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