Errata for "Everything Scrabble"

Unofficial Errata for:
Everything Scrabble, by Joe Edley. 1995, Pocket Books.
ISBN 0-671-86686-9

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24 JH: The plural of OS is ORA, not the unacceptable OSA.
49 SA: Triple-triples can be played in row H or column 8.
64 TC: Even an expert can't get 9/8 words correct.
84 TC: TOMATO leaves A, not O.
130 SA: JEW, JEWS and LEZ are missing.
135 TC: Last line should read `forming IF', not `forming EF'.
265 JK: SATIRE+R = TARSIER is missing.
265 JK: ARSINE+K = SNAKIER is missing.
265 JK: ARSINE+R = SIERRAN is missing.
265 JK: IRONES+W = SNOWIER is missing.
265 JK: EINRST+E = TRIENES is missing.
268 TC: The list is missing three-letter words.
270 JK: LA takes a -Y to make LAY.
270 JK: ES takes -S, not -A.
270 SA: POM, WOG, WOP and YID are missing.
271 JH: JEW is missing.
272 JH: LEZ and POM are missing.
273 JH: WOG, WOP and YID are missing.
276 (anonymous): Brailling is not forbidden under NSA rules.
277 SA: Under `Endgame', `seven' should read `eight'.