Help with crossword-games-pro, crossword-games and word-games-pro

Sherrie Saint John, as administrator of these lists, often gets requests to be removed during vacations and wants to show you all how to handle it yourself (and with more swiftness!).

list nickname To stop receiving mail, To resume your mail once you return, For one message a day collecting all list traffic,
  send an EMPTY message to:

The change will be immediate, so you'll miss less! Try digest for a day or two, and if you don't like it, go back to normal. How often you toggle is up to you. And, by not removing yourself permanently, you can go back on as often as you like!

And, as always, you can always log into:

and type your e-mail address (exactly as it is on the list) into the member box and navigate your way into the list archives, database, list options, etc.