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June 24, 1991

Joe Edley
National Scrabble Association
c/o Williams & Co.
Box 700
Greenport, NY 11944

Re: Active club list

Dear Joe:

I participate in the "rec.games.board" discussion group on the Internet bulletin board system known as "readnews", at least whenever Scrabble(R) comes up.

Many on the net are not aware that there is an active club and tournament circuit. Several times I have informed people of clubs in their area, using the latest list I have (over a year old).

I think it would be helpful to post to the net a current list of clubs. (Even the most recent available list would be worthwhile). It would be an easy way of disseminating this to people already interested in games. I would be very happy to do the posting, and it would be easiest if you could send it to me on a floppy disk (in text or WordPerfect format).

By the way, my note in Medleys so far has garnered a group of six people (in Buffalo, North Carolina, Berkeley (LBL), Oakland, Boston and Australia) who are now in touch by e-mail. This is separate from, although on the same medium as, the bulletin board system. Although most of those with access to the net are on academic or computer company systems, I found out that there are public access sites available by subscription, around the country. If, as I suspect, the project on Compu$erve fizzled, you might want to join such a system to try making this a center of (instantaneous) Scrabble correspondence.

Thanks for anything you can do towards the club list idea. If you think of other uses these connections can be put to, so much the better.

It was good to see you at Susi & Ron's wedding.

/s/ Steven