The Caber Press was created to re-print long out-of-print material or translations from my reference collection which I thought would be of interest and value to the conservation community, and to anyone interested in material culture.
    The scope has expanded over the years to include titles of a more general nature, for instance, a 16th century book about making ink contained an interesting text on making wine, so I transcribed it also and published it without commentary to make it available as inexpensively as possible. 

    The Caber Press currently offers the following titles; view the New Caber Press PDF file:
      Caber Press PDF file
      or click on the cover icons, below, for excerpts and more information on a few of our offerings: 

    LEATHER: Preparation and tanning by traditional methods Iron and Steel: Forging - Hardening - Tempering Manuscript Inks
    URUSHI - The Technology of Japanese Lacquer The Art and Science of Gilding Book-Binding for Bibliophiles
    Ancient Locks Leather Work Working Horn, Ivory, and Tortoiseshell
    Hemp Culture The Retting of Hemp and Flax Food Products of the North American Indian
    A Dard Hunter Reader: A  collection of 
    early articles by 
    and about Dard Hunter
    A Booke of Secrets: Instructions for making wine. Advice from 1596 Brewing and Management of Malt Liquors: Instructions from 1838 
    Brewing Science: The Early Days, by Arnold James Cooley (1846) The Earliest Water-Marks by Friedrich Keinz (1904) Church Chests of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries in England 
    by P.M. Johnston
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