Our "Food for Thought" pages contain information you won't likely find elsewhere on the Web. We have a couple of new additions - excerpts from Caber Press books - that we're sure you'll find informative. We'll be adding new pages (time permitting) on a fairly regular basis.
    • Art-on-Paper is an indepth discussion the guidelines for framing art-on-paper.
    • Hog Bristle Needles is an illustrated guide to threading a Hog Bristle needle, such as those that were used in stitching medieval books.
    • Oak Boards explains the tools and methods used to select and refine oak boards used for book covers.
    • Looking for an modern-day equivalent to an old chemical compound? Check out our Glossary of Obsolete Chemical Terms from the Caber Press book Manuscript Inks.
    • Gold Tooling, an excerpt from our book Book-Binding for Bibliophiles, explains basic techniques used almost a century ago.

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