In 1987, Istor Productions was selected by the Guild of Book Worker to produce and distribute videotapes of their annual Standards Seminars. The Guild of Book Workers' titles are available for $30.00 each, including domestic postage. These videotapes are of varying length, typically 2 hours. Some are shorter and some are longer. They were videotaped on site during the presentations and most include the question and answer period following the presentation. There has been little or no editing of these videotapes. 
Pittsburgh: 1984

Paring of Leather Covers, and Board Preparation, featuring Don Etherington.  
Gold Tooling Using Gold Leaf, featuring Michael Wilcox and Don Glaister.  
Edge Gilding and Gauffering, featuring Hugo Peller.  
Covering Techniques Using Vellum over Stiff Boards, featuring Heinke Pensky-Adam.
San Francisco: 1985

Gold Tooling, featuring Gerard Charriere and Michael Wilcox.
Half Vellum over Stiff Boards, featuring Silvia Rennie.
Paper Cover, Case Construction, and Conservation Rebinding, featuring Gary Frost.
Iowa: 1986 

Doublures, Endpapers, and Leather Hinges, featuring William Anthony.
Turkish Marbling, featuring Paula Gourley.
Austin: 1987 

Endbands, featuring Jenny Hille.
Rebacking Leather Bound Books, featuring Bruce Levy.
Tools and Techniques of Paper Repair, featuring Barbara L. Meierjames.
Collaboration Between Binder and Printer, featuring Craig Jensen and Richard-Gabriel Rummonds.
Chicago: 1988

Sewing Through The Fold, featuring Pamela Spitzmueller.
Gougless Onlays, featuring Silvia Rennie. 
Japanese Side-sewn Bindings, featuring Catherine Atwood.
Letterspacing, featuring Kay Amhert.
Portland: 1989

Suminagashi, featuring Don Guyot
Basic Paper Treatments for Book Materials, featuring Betsy Palmer Eldridge
Washington, DC: 1990 

Technique & Logic in German Bookbinding, featuring J. Franklin Mowery
Edge-to-Edge Doublures, featuring Monique Lallier
French Onlays, featuring Kirstin Tina Miura
Bloomington: 1991

Conservation Treatments, featuring Don Etherington
Special Enclosures, featuring Hedi Kyle
Case Binding, featuring David Bourbeau
Design Binding, featuring Donald Glaister
San Francisco: 1992

Rebacking Leather Bound Books, featuring Bernard Middleton
Boxmaking for Artists' Books, featuring Daniel Kelm
The Making of a Book, featuring Claire Van Vliet
Sculptural Binding, featuring Jan Sobota
 Videotapes from GBW Standards Seminars subsequent to 1992 are not currently available.
Please remit to Thompson Conservation Laboratory 
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Thompson Conservation Laboratory
7549 N. Fenwick
Portland, OR 97217
503/735-3942 (voice/fax)