Manuscript Books:  
    A Book of Hours is rebound in a style consistent with its original 15th century binding, after repairing the damage caused by an inappropriate19th century rebinding. (approx. 23 mins.) $19.95
    16th & 17th Century Books:  
    The restoration of two early printed books is documented on this tape. Basic techniques, i.e., overcasting cords, rebacking, skiving and paring leather and tool sharpening are shown. (approx. 40 mins.) $19.95
    19th & 20th Century Books:  
    Following a review of how changes in technology have confered benefits and problems on modern library collections, this tape shows how simple protective enclosures may be manufactured. (approx. 16 mins.) $19.95
    All three videotapes from the series: Elements of Book Conservation,
    are available on one tape for only $49.95
    Circulating collections are important too. This videotape demonstrates easily performed repair techniques, including hinge tightening, and shows some alternatives to re-binding. (approx. 18 mins.) $19.95  
    Papel Marmoleado (in Spanish)  
    Lil Mena discusses and demonstrates a method for producing the marbling pattern known as Spanish Drag. (approx. 12 mins.) $19.95 
    Ebru: Paper Marbling in the Turkish Tradition  
    Don Guyot, master of Turkish paper marbling, demonstrates how to prepare the materials used in this rare art, and how to execute eleven patterns. (aprox. 25 mins.) $19.95
    Manuscript Illumination: Methods & Materials:   
    Featuring Joyce Grafe, author of Secreta, this videotape shows how to make gesso sottile, lay it on a ground, apply gold, and burnish it. (approx. 15 mins.) $19.95
    Manufacture of Goldbeater's Skin  
    Goldbeater's skin is the outer membrane of ox intestine. It has been used for centuries to separate gold leaf during the final stages of manufacture; it has also been used to repair papyrus and vellum. This videotape shows how the membrane may be prepared and applied. (approx. 15 mins.) $14.95 
    Building A Medieval Papermill:  
    This videotape shows the preparation and construction of a millsite; the erection and operation of a three-hammer stamp mill powered by an overshot waterwheel to produce paper pulp from rags. (approx. 10 mins.) $14.95  
    Museum Mounting: A Primer   
    This videotape demonstrates reliable methods for attaching art on paper to suitable mounts. Demonstrations include making wheat starch paste, water cutting Japanese paper for hinges, and how to make "T" and "V" hinges. (approx. 15 mins.) $19.95 
    Dave's Pond: Mounting an Oversize Watercolor   
    In recent years, as more artists have executed their work on oversized supports, museums and art galleries have had to face the problem of mounting these pieces on supports which are lightweight and dimensionally stable. This videotape demonstrates a sound solution based on the Japanese screen. (approx. 20mins.) $19.95  
    Paper Cleaning: Wet & Dry Methods   
    This videotape demonstrates what may be done on the curatorial level, to slow deterioration, using readily available materials, and easily learned techniques. (approx. 10 mins.) $19.95  
    Wei T'o®: Nonaqueous Deacidification of Art on Paper  
    Dr. Richard D. Smith, inventor of Wei T'o, demonstrates the proper method for deacidifying and alkalizing paper using a spray can delivery system.(approx. 6 mins.) $19.95  
    Wei T'o®: Soft Spray System  
    Wei T'o® is available in bulk quantities. This videotape shows how the soft spray system is uncrated and set up for operation. Dr. Smith demonstrates its use on flat paper and on books. (approx. 11 mins.) $19.95 
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