Lotta Rahme,  
Dag Hartman 
(chemistry sections) 
(Published as Skinn, in Sweden, 1991; now translated into English) 
$24.95 + $2.50 P&H


    "This is the best survey of traditional bark tanning, alum tawing,
    oil tanning (aka chamoising) and brain tanning, that I know of,
    but it is not a really thorough 'how-to guide'.

    The history, science and how-to are woven together by Lotta Rahme,
    a hide tanner from Sweden, who has studied traditional brain & smoke
    tanning methods under Native Americans in northern Canada, and
    traditional bark tanning methods from the Sami (aka Laplanders)
    in northern Sweden.

    She is clearly more experienced in a wider array of traditional tanning
    methods, than anyone else I know of."

    Matt Richards

    "Ms. Rahme did an excellent job of compiling a large amount
    of information that has usually been relegated to the oral tradition
    of many cultures. She has worked directly with some of the native
    tanners quoted in the book, so we are getting the information
    in a fairly direct manner.

    The chapter on the "Structure of Skin", co-written by Dag Hartman,
    is a very strong feature of the book. Overall, Leather is a good addition to the
    lab and workshop bookshelf."

    Paul Storch
    Leather Conservation News
    Vol. 14, No. 1, 1998.