The Retting of Hemp and Flax 
Paul W. Allen 
From: Industrial Fermentations, 1926 
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from: Allen's, The Retting of Flax & Hemp 
A Study of Flax and Kindred Fibers

"The fact that flax and ramie fibers always twist in a clockwise direction when drying, while hemp and jute fibers twist in the reverse direction, is the basis of a convenient method for distinguishing flax and hemp. Microscopic examination of these fibers after treatment reveals a fibrillar structure, the fibrils of flax and ramie being arranged in left-handed spirals, while those of hemp and jute are in right-handed spirals. In some cases, internal spirals with a reverse twist may occur. 
The drying of the fibers is always accompanied by a twisting up of the component fibrils."