Advice from 1596


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from: Booke of Secrets 
What time and how you shall tast wine. 

Some tast wines when the wind bloweth in the North, but it is better to tast when it bloweth in the East, because the Eastwind moveth the wine more, and sheweth what it is. It is not good to tast wine being fasting, because it spoileth the tast, neither is it good to tast it after much meat or drink. Further, he that tasteth wine, must not have eaten any bitter or salt meat, nor have eaten much, but a little meat, & that it be digested. Some seeking to deceive those that buy wine, take a new vessell, which they dip into old wine that is good, and hath a good smell, and then put that wine into it that they meane to sell, which I set downe to give you instructions that you be not deceived.