Tracking Down Nicholas Welter in Luxembourg

Pauline and Mike have teamed up to trace Nicholas Welter and his relatives back to his birthplace in Luxembourg.

Guided by her many years of genealogy experience, Pauline worked dilegently to seek out records documenting the heritage of the Welter family. Finally, one day she located the critical manifest of the ship that brought Nicholas to North America. The manifest indicated that Nicholas came from Isenborn, Luxembourg. Without this information no further progress would ever have been made. Excitement began to build as this key piece to the puzzle of Nicholas Welter's origin was skillfully put into its place.

Mike located the Luxembourg Civil Registration Tables Decennales, 1853-1863, maintained at the University of St Thomas. Based on web searches, he determined that Isenborn is currently referred to as Insenborn. He then found that the village is located in the Luxembourg Commune of Neunhausen, which is in turn in the Canton of Wiltz. Using Neunhausen and Wiltz for querying Nicholas Welter's birth using the Tables Decennales, revealed that the information sought should reside on film number 1142190.

There were problems in locating film number 1142190 at UGS / LDS. Ann Kenne, the Head of Special Collections at St Thomas, was contacted, and she said that their film database was more than 10 years old. She indicated that some of the Luxembourg film numbers had been subsequently changed by UGS. A $15 one hour focused search of the St Thomas films was then requested. Ann Kenne, determined that film number 1142190 did indeed contain the critical information on Nicholas and his family, including the the birth record for Nicholas Welter and his two sisters, as well as the marriage record for Nicholas' father.

The records received from Ann Kenne indicate the following:

Excerpt from Ann Kenne's Letter

Subsequent translation of Johann Nicolas Welter's birth record revealed that his mother was actually Barbara Barbel, rather than Anna Marie Barbel. This means that Anna and Susanne Welter were Johann Nicolas' half sisters.

Nicholas' Father's First Marriage Record
Marriage of Johann Peter Welter and Anna Maria Barbel, January 10, 1856

Nicholas' Father's Second Marriage, to his Mother
Marriage of Johann Peter Welter and Barbara Barbel, (date tbd)

Nicholas' Half Sisters
Birth of Anna Welter, February 3, 1857
Birth of Susanne Welter, March 17, 1860

Nicholas Welter, Himself
Birth of Johann Nicolas Welter, June 17, 1863

Nicholas Welter's Home Village in Luxembourg

Nicholas Welter's childhood village Insenborn
is located in the Luxembourg Canton of Wiltz

Insenborn is a small community in Neunhausen,
currently having a population of 157

A current view of Insenborn

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