Ward and Mildred Welter

Mildred, Ward, Melvin, and Edward Welter, 1927

Wilber (Ward's brother), Ward, Edward, and Melvin Welter, 1927

Mildred, Ward, Edward, and Melvin Welter, 1929

Ward and Mildred Welter, 1941

Pauline and Melvin Welter, April 1937, just after Edward's funeral.

Pauline, Melvin, Marian Sego, and Mildred Welter holding Vernon (bottom center) in 1939.

Vernon, Terry (Melvin's Friend), Mildred, and Ward Welter, circa 1946.

Ward Welter, 1963

Edward Welter and Mildred Welter (top), Marian Sego, Frankie Becker, and Pauline Welter, Aug 1935

Mildred Welter and Beulah Grecco (Beulah was the daughter of Nicholas and Lille Welter), 1941

Mildred Welter, 1977

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