Nicholas and Lillie Family Pictures

Nicholas and Lillie's grandchildren - From left:
Helen May Grecco, Melvin Welter, Sonya Grecco, Pauline Welter, and Clifford Grecco, 1941

Nicholas and Lillie's grandchildren, with addition of young Vernon Welter (bottom), 1941

Nicholas with sons Ward (left) and Paul Welter, 1941

Lillie's Sisters and Brother
Mary Jane Doty, David St.Arnold, and Delvina Dyson

Lillie's Brother Norman St.Arnold and wife Jennie.

Lillie with nephew Willard and her sister in law Jennie St.Arnold in 1946.

Lillie's sister Mary Jane Doty and husband James on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Lillie's sister Delvina and her husband John Dyson at ages 91 1/2 and 84 in 1941.

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