The Welter / Gray / St.Arnold Family Tree

Members of the Welter, Gray, and St.Arnold Families share a common desire to know about their history and their roots. This website is dedicated to making this information available to those claiming the noble Welter, Gray, and St.Arnold family ancestries. Website contributors are listed below.

Ward Welter's father Nicholas Welter was born 17 June 1863, and was married to Lillian Marian StArnold in 1891. Nicholas and Lillie were of the Free Methodist faith, and Nicholas served in the ministry for many years.

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Information Sources and Credits:
Ward and Mildred Welter's daughter Pauline is the primary contributor to this website, having provided the birth, death and marriage information, as well as most of the pictures used.

Contributors / Contributions to this Site Include
Correspondence with Mary Young, whose grandfather was Norman St.Arnold.
Correspondence with Susan Jantz, Granddaughter of Norman StArnold's first wife.
Gene Montagne has provided most of the information on the Doty Family. His Grandmother was Mary Jane St.Arnold, Lillie St.Arnold Welter's sister.
Terry Welter has assisted with research and provided album photographs.
Pat Ovelgon has assisted with research and helped with Gray Family photograph identification.
Vern Welter has provided album photographs and has developed some of the photos used. He also provided a Welter Coat of Arms.
Erin Colleen Shay Harrision, who has been studying family genealogy for more than 15 years, including the Shay and Gray family branches, is providing related information as well as helping with research.
Al Dahlquist, who maintains various related genealogy websites, has provided information on the StArnold/Arnaud and Vadnais family branches.
Credit for the work done on Lenus Earl Meyer and Family goes to dkamper415 on the genealogy website More detailed information can be found there, and inqueries can be sent to dkamper415. Great job!

Last Update: 2/20/2014