Mr Johann Peter Welter
(Jean Pierre Welter)

Mr Joseph StArnold
(1829 - 1900)
Barbara Barbel
Emerance (Marie) Vadnais
(1838 - 1915)

m. 9 Feb 1891, Racine ( Racine Co.) Wis.
Mr. Nicholas Welter
(Johann Nicolas Welter)
(Jean Nicolas Welter)
Lillie Marian StArnold
bd. 17 Jun 1863, Neunhausen Luxembourg
occ. Minister
rel. Free Methodist
dd. 1 May 1951, Newberg (Yamhill Co) Oregon
brd. 3 May 1951, Portland Oregon
bd. 2 Sep 1867, Becker (Shurburne Co.) Minnesota
rel. Free Methodist
dd. 26 Aug 1951, Newberg (Yamhill Co) Oregon
brd. 31 Aug 1951, Portland Oregon

Finding Nicholas Welter and Family in Luxembourg

Mr. Ward StArnold Welter
Anna May Welter
Wilber Wilson Welter
James Jay Welter
Beulah Althea Welter
Paul Stanley Welter

Nicholas and Lillie Landmark Page
Nicholas and Lillie with first grandchild
Nicholas and Lillie in garden
Lillie StArnold as a young lady
Lilly Welter's Three Horses painting
Lilly Welter's Three Dogs painting
Nicholas and Lillie visiting Ward
Nicholas and Lillie with Al Geier
Nicholas and Lillie with Anna May Geier
Nicholas and Lillie in front of house
Nicholas and Lillie with grandson Edward

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