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Some Personal Reflections: As believer, I am a Christian in the tradition of the Lutheran Confessions. Sola Gratia!

As composer, recitalist, and director, I engage the rich world of sound to proclaim God's Word.

As hymnologist and organist, I support the vox ecclesia, the "song of the church."

As liturgist and worshiper, I favor the old Lutheran understanding of Gottesdienst ("God serves us in Word and Sacrament"), as opposed to sacrificial offerings of "worship and praise."

I profess music as a humanity, a liberal art, a way of knowing, and teach our scholars to listen "deep within the music."

This is me doing what I love best, directing the 50 voices of the combined church choirs of Augustana Lutheran, St. Michael Lutheran, and Trinity Lutheran...

Combined Choirs

...in the powerful new work for choir and orchestra by Daniel E. Gawthrop entitled "Behold This Mystery." The performance was 10/28/00, but memorable music is still going through our minds. Special thanks to co-directors, Mr. Mark Huth and Mr. Richard Wrye.

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