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St. John Lutheran Church
Chehalis, Washington
Koehnken and Grimm, 1895


Originally in St. Mary's Catholic Church in Shawnee, Ohio, where it remained unused for over 25 years. When the church was scheduled for demolition, this treasure came to the attention of Alan Laufman of the Organ Clearing House. In 1992 the organ was moved and reinstalled in St. John's Lutheran Church in Chehalis, Washington. Some 50 volunteers from the church put in over a thousand hours of labor, removing and transporting the organ, cleaning, refinishing, etc.

S. L. Huntington (of Stonington, Connecticut) worked with Herbert and Marianne Huestis (Ladner, BC, Canada) on the restoration and installation in Chehalis.

Painted decorations were carefully copied from the original facade pipes. Amy Huestis, student at Concordia University, Montreal, prepared stencils which reproduced the original colors.

At the re-dedication of the ogan, John Brombaugh is quoted as saying, "Congratulations--you have brought a real organ back to life!" (quote from "The Diapason" August 1994).

Thanks to Herb Huestis for supplying this information. Herb, by the way, is a compiler of stoplists and a contributor to the Osiris archives! Thanks Herb!

   GREAT                SWELL                   PEDAL
   8' Open Diapason     8' Geigen Diapason      16' Bourdon
   8' Melodia           8' Stopped Diapason
   8' Dulciana          8' Salicional
   4' Octave            4' Harmonic Flute
   3' Quinte            2' Piccolo**
   2' Super Octave  

  **The piccolo pipes (also by Koehnken and Grimm) replace an 8' Aeoline.

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