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Cone Chapel,
Waller Hall

Salem, Oregon

Richard Bond,
Opus 19

Great                     Swell                  Pedal
16' Bourdon               8' Gedackt             16' Subbass
 8' Principal             8' Salicional          16' Bourdon (Great)
 8' Rohrfloete            8' Voix Celeste         8' Open Bass
 8' Harm. Flute (prep)    4' Principal            4' Choral Bass
 4' Octave                4' Koppelfloete            Mixture III (Prep)
 4' Spitzfloete       2 2/3' Nazard              16' Posaune
 2' Super Octave          2' Waldfloete           8' Trumpet (Great)
    Mixture IV        1 3/5' Tierce                  Great to Pedal
 8' Trumpet                  Scharf III-IV           Swell to Pedal
    Swell to Great        8' Oboe
                          4' Clarion

Mechanical Key action; 2 Manuals, 61 notes, 32 pedals
Electric stop action with 8 memory levels.  Summary:  29 ranks, 25 stops
Location: Dating from 1864, Waller Hall is the oldest college building in Oregon! Cone Chapel, located on the second floor is now used for religious services, teaching, practice, and concert events.

Inspiration: The authentic 1864 setting inspired a historic casework style, such as may have been seen in early America, and reminiscent of the work of Thomas Appleton, a builder from early New England.

Casework: Poplar wood, painted to match wall and trim colors. Facade towers proportioned to harmonize with the dimensions of the stained glass windows. Pipes of 70% polished tin reflect the colors of the room. Hand carved pipe shades highlighted with gold provide a delightful "jewel-box" appearance.

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