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Portland Metro Area Pipe Organ stoplists of note

Cathedral Stoplists...

  • Werner Bosch, 1966, at St. Mark's Anglican Cathedral
  • Murray Harris at St. Mary's Roman Catholic Cathedral
  • Martin Ott, a second organ at Saint Mary
  • Rosales at Trinity Cathedral, Portland
  • Reuter at Temple Beth Israel.

    Organs in Oregon Colleges and Universities...

  • George Bozeman, Jr. at Marylhurst University.
  • Multnomah Bible College and Seminary: Estey, 1915.
  • Willamette University's Richard Bond in historic (1864) Cone Chapel, Salem
  • Lewis & Clark College's Casavant in Agnes Flanagan Chapel, Portland
  • More will be added as soon as you send in your stoplists!

    Church and Synagogue Stoplists...

    1. The 1890 Adams at St. Luke, Vancouver
    2. The Austin organ at First Baptist Church, downtown Portland.
    3. English Anonymous, 1840? at St. Patricks
    4. Balcom and Vaughan, 1979, Forest Grove, Oregon.
    5. Bond, 1996, in Holy Rosary Catholic Church.
    6. Bond organ, 1989, at Saint James Lutheran. Updated
    7. Brombaugh organ in Eugene, OR
    8. Brombaugh in Beaverton, OR Updated
    9. Casavant in All Saints Catholic, Portland
    10. Edwards Opus #1 in the Chapel at First Congregational (now removed)
    11. Erben, 1851 organ at First Presbyterian.
    12. Fritts St. Andrew's, Beaverton.
    13. Gress-Miles at St. Stephen's Episcopal, Portland
    14. Hochhalter at First United Methodist, Eugene, Portland
    15. Hutchings, Plaisted & Co. First Unitarian, Main Street Sanctuary.
    16. Jaeckel, 2000, at First Presbyterian, Portland
    17. Jardine at All Saints Episcopal, Portland
    18. Kleuker at St. Bartholomew's Episcopal, Beaverton, Oregon (Now enhanced with electronic stops, 2003)
    19. Koehnken and Grimm Chehalis, Washington
    20. Marceau Memorial Lutheran, Vancouver
    21. Marceau St. Michael Lutheran, Portland
    22. M. P. Moeller in nearby Albany, Oregon
    23. Moline in Good Shepherd Episcopal, Vancouver
    24. Martin Ott, Opus 80, at Mount Angel Abbey Church, St. Benedict, Oregon
    25. Proposed Martin Ott, for Old Zion Lutheran Church, Downtown Portland, Oregon
    26. Olympic Organ Company, 1970, Longview, Washington
    27. The Reuter at Temple Beth Israel.
    28. Rieger at Sunnyside Seventh Day Adventist (off-site link--use your browser's "back" button to return here) Note: Special thanks to Richard Crowley for maintaining this link.
    29. Hilborne L. Roosevelt, Opus 294, 1885, now a Our Saviour's Lutheran, Cathlamet, Washington
    30. Schoenstein, pipe organ in Medford, Oregon
    31. E.M. Skinner from the old Municipal Auditorium, now in the Alpenrose Dairy
    32. * For Sale: A Van Zoeren residence organ!
    33. Wilhelm at St. Matthew Lutheran, Beaverton
    34. Wilhelm, Opus 60, at Mt. Tabor Presbyterian, Portland

    Residence Organs

    • *The Van Zoeren residence organ, Portland
    • We know there are more out there...

    * = readers may wish to read the tribute to internationally known organ builder Allan P. Van Zoeren on this website.

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